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To: My Marketing Friends

From: Anthony Whyms



Tell me, Is it possible to find ways to improve your life financially without spending thousands of dollars?

Can you learn marketing techniques that are effective and make sense?

Do you need to buy every newly launched tool in the world?


Perhaps you're like me.


Everyday I search the web for tools that can help me build my business.

I enjoy getting one more person to opt-in to my newsletter or to buy a product from me.

Sometimes, like me, you might feel overwhelmed by the many ways to market a business - some inexpensive & some not so much!

There are so many options available to businesses these days: mailers, coupons, print ads, direct mail pieces, e-mail campaigns, joint ventures, online video and audio to name a few.

But for the modern business person trying to make money, the concern is not what you can do to promote your business, but rather why should you follow a certain strategy . . .




Whether you have a brick and mortar business, or an online passion you are trying to make money at, the truth is that lots of work goes into making a business a success.

Therefore the "why" of promoting your business must be able to prove itself through reasonable testing and analysis, afterwhich you as a business owner can decide "should" you spend more to get a bigger result.


Remember: There is no such thing as "instant success" or a "magic solution".


I have over 30 years experience in all aspects of business.

I spent 9 of those years in banking, 17 more running a successful construction business and the last 5 years consulting with various businesses and learning from the ground up, the internet marketing arena.

I can help you have planned success because you will start with an idea, research the niche, determine a marketing strategy, follow it, test itm setup a purchasing mechanism for your customers and learn how to build a list.


I Will Help You Achieve Your Goals!


I will share with you reports, software and tools that I find personally stimulating and helpful to creating one reality for us both: FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

Spend as much time browsing this page as you need, only please do me this favor:

If you want to get useful information you can use to build your business, then please add your name to my FREE online newsletter.

While you are surfing the new and you find a site you think I might like, send me a link to it and why you feel this product is worth my time.

My e-mail link is below.

I promise I will respond.


To Greater Online Prosperity,


Anthony Whyms



"A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With One Step"


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Anthony Whyms



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